The Knox Anchor has the highest holding force of any anchor on the global market. 

The Knox Anchor can hold a force equivalent to 40 times its weight without starting to plough through the seabed. This means that a standard 13kg Knox Anchor can be trusted with a load equivalent to half a tonne before it will move in the seabed.

The Knox develops a holding force 4 times greater than conventional designs which hold only 5-10 times their weight before starting to plough. Even when compared with other modern anchor designs the Knox can hold a maximum force at least 30% higher.

Maximum holding force to weight ratio for popular anchor designs


The Knox Anchor immediately buries deep into the seabed the first time you drop it. Even under excessive force it will not roll out.

The Knox patented design ensures the anchor always lands in the optimum orientation for engagement with the seabed. The divided fluke ensures immediate deep burial. 

When the maximum holding force of an anchor is exceeded two things can happen. A good anchor will remain buried and plough slowly through the seabed. A dangerous anchor can resurface and roll out losing its hold completely.

The Knox Anchor's design ensures it will remain buried and plough through the seabed, even if its maximum holding force is exceeded under extreme conditions. Our field tests have shown conventional anchors such as the CQR will roll out under excessive force: a dangerous property if anchoring in stormy conditions. 


The Knox Anchor is a tried and tested design, manufactured to the highest quality

The Knox design has been perfected over 20 years of scientific testing in real anchoring conditions.

All our anchors are manufactured to the highest quality standards in the United Kingdom. We use steel of the highest available tensile strength to avoid distortion even under extreme force.