Key features

The patented divided fluke is the key design feature responsible for the Knox Anchor's exceptional holding power. The fluke's sharpened edges are arranged at the optimal angle to ensure rapid chisel-like engagement with the seabed. The flukes are also constructed of high tensile steel, greater than 350MPa and reinforcement by stiffener plates to provide high resistance to bending.

The flanges encourage immediate engagement and ensure that the anchor does not roll out even when forced to plough through the seabed by excessive force.

The shank is constructed from steel of the highest available tensile strength, around 900 MPa. This provides the highest possible resistance to lateral and symmetrical distortion.

The roll bar ensures that when the anchor is lowered to the seabed it always settles with the tip of one of the half-flukes bearing on the seabed, at the right orientation for immediate engagement and burial.