Articles by Professor John H. Knox

"How Anchors Work"
Royal Highland Yacht Club Journal 2012 pp 59-6 

"Anchors Aware, Anchors on Test"
Practical Boat Owner, August 2011 #538 pp 81-87

"Will my Anchor Hold"
Practical Boat Owner, July 2002 #427 pp 78-81

"Will my Anchor Hold. Part 2"
Practical Boat Owner, August 2002, #427 pp 99-10

"Snatching at Anchors"
Practical Boat Owner, February 1999 #386 pp 133-135

"Anchoring by Numbers"
Yachting Monthly August 1997 #1092 pp 24-28

Other Articles and Information

Peter Smith, "Independent Anchor Performance Testing", 2012 (Link)

Toby Hughes & Bill Springer, "Ultimate Holding Power"
Yachting Monthly December 2006 #1204 pp 62-71.

Paul McNeill, "Digging In", Yachting Monthly, January 2007, #1705 p51

Bill Springer, "Holding Power", Sail Magazine, October 2006 pp 60-68

"Which Anchor is Best", Yachting Monthly November 2009 #1215 pp 24-33

Joan Gallifa, “Mistral Misfortune”,
Practical Boat Owner 2012 Septamber 2012 #552 pp78-80


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Anchoring resources

We highly recommend Antares Charts for those sailing on the West Coast of Scotland