The Knox anchor when fully buried requires a large force to move. It has been designed to resist this force and indeed much more, without damage – either as a transverse force such as experienced when the anchor is veered, or as an in-line force when it is pulled in the normal way. 

Due to the anchor’s high holding force and depth of burial the Knox anchor must be recovered gently. The best way to do this is to recover the chain with the engine idling in forward gear. Once the chain is close to vertical put the engine in neutral for a short period of time and use the power of the winch to slowly lift the anchor. Once off the bottom re-engage the engine and recover the anchor.

Avoid using the power of the engine to rip the anchor from the bottom. Doing so risks damage to the anchor, the rode the bow roller or the windlass. This procedure is particularly important if there are waves and the boat is pitching.