Once it’s in it has never dragged. I don’t know why they are not more popular.
We are so pleased with the purchased anchor, and will like to order an additional for our aft windlass.
I treated [boat name] to a Knox anchor this year. Digs in at first attempt, never dragged and a bitch to recover. The old CQR could usually manage two out of three.
Amazing difference in initial set and holding compared to the Delta
Previous anchor was a 25lb genuine CQR (32ft boat, 6 tons) and I have retired it in favour of a Knox 9kg, which fits the stem roller without any adjustment, save that I need to drill a new hole in the cheeks for the retaining pin. The Knox performance around Plymouth and up the river is amazing; just like a parking brake
I’m just back from a few days sailing off the West of Scotland. We spent two nights in near gale force conditions and our 13kg Knox didn’t move an inch - well impressed.


"I have spent some 5 weeks aboard the boat since fitting your anchor, with over half that time at anchor on a variety of substrates.  The performance is excellent,  thank you.   I thought you might find the attached comparative photos of your 13kg Knox and a 15kg Bruce useful when advising other people regarding the practicality of fitting. With thanks and best wishes, Keith"