Diesel Bug Pump

A hand operated pump for removing contamination from your fuel tank. See this here..


Anchoring Spring

A nylon shock absorbing rope with chain hook spliced to one end for safer anchoring. Available in two sizes, for 8mm chain and for 10mm chain. See article here, and availability here.

Anchor Swivels and shackles.

In some circumstances an anchor can rotate around its chain leaving twist in the chain. To avoid this a swivel can be used near the anchor end, but not all swivels are alike. There are many low cost "swivels" available that are just not rated for the job. A swivel that has a breaking point far below the rest of the anchor system risks losing your precious anchor to the sea. Italian made Kong brand swivels are one of the few that are strong enough for this duty. We stock only this reputable brand in the two common sizes that suit leisure boat anchor chains of 6 through 12mm diameters.

Shackles, like swivels come in many different qualities and breaking strengths. We recommend Crosby G209 shackles, and stock these in the two common sizes for 8 and 10mm chains.

Chain to anchor connections.

There are several ways connect your anchor to the boat using chain, rope or both.

The role of chain: The primary purpose of chain is to give an abrasion resistant connection to the boat. Rope at the anchor will chafe due to rubbing on sank, rocks and the sea bottom. The first few metres of any anchor rode should be chain of a size suitable to the size of boat (and anchor). Rope could be used for the balance of the length, but many people use chain for the complete rode.

Connecting chain to the anchor: The chain could be connected directly to the anchor using a shackle. The shackle must be of sufficient breaking strain so that it doesn't become a weak link. Where anchor rotation and consequent twisting of the chain might result, then a swivel can be inserted, but like the shackle needs to be sufficiently strong for the job. If a swivel is to be used, it can be connected directly to the anchor and the chain and does not require any shackle. Some people use a short chain of say 3-4 links only, between swivel and anchor, with a shackle to join that chain to the anchor. We supply both swivels and shackles to suit this purpose.